Chess club for all ages. Learners welcome

8th December 2018 @ 11:00 am
The Care Hub, Goring Arcade
Reading RG8
Leigh Abbott
01491 525 639

Starting on 27 October, we are hosting Chess Club at The Hub on Saturdays at 11am. All ages are welcome! We are hoping there are some younger kids interested in coming to hang with us oldies and play a little chess? Anyone up for a friendly challenge? Again, we kindly request a fee of £2 per person and the refreshments are free!

For all of the clubs, we rely on donations to be able to provide some of the needed resources, such as knitting needles, yarn, chess sets, puzzles and more. We are ALWAYS happy to accept kind donations. If you have any of these things you aren’t using, we would gladly make good use of them down at the Hub. We would also love some materials to make fiddle cushions or fiddle blankets. Things like buttons, zips, beads, different textures of material, clean cushions or larger bits of material suitable for making fiddle items for people with dementia are gratefully received.

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