Goring Parish Council Tier 2 Volunteers

In response to the current pandemic, Goring Parish Council are supporting the Street Champions and Q1F system with a 2nd tier of volunteers.   These 2nd tier volunteers are to aid those in isolation during this difficult time whom may require a little more individual help than the Street Champion / Q1F system can offer.

The Goring Football Club players have now delivered postcards to every home in the parish giving a variety of contact numbers.  This postcard tells residents who to contact if they need help and are isolating.  All of this information will also be coming out in the next edition of Goring Gap News, to ensure it reaches every home.

All volunteers, acting on behalf of the parish council will have an ID badge.  There will be a QR code on the back.  Scanning the code, will take you to a page which confirms they are a registered volunteer with the Parish Council.

Volunteer and Resident Guidelines

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