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Please note, South Stoke Parish Council has a Facebook page releasing all news items relating to the residents of South Oxfordshire, please use this as a valuable resource for many more pieces of news then we are able to usefully load on to this page.  You do not need to be a member of Facebook to see this, please just click on this link and you will be able to see all the items.

We understand some parishioners may feel Facebook is not the correct conduit to get information out to the residents.  Unfortunately, most of the information is coming to us via social media (Facebook and Twitter) so is therefore very easy to reshare on a Parish Council page directly, this ensures the information is up to date, relevant and most importantly accurate.

Below are some important pieces of the latest news.

5th January 2021 – England in Full Lockdown Again

Please see the latest government requirements, which must be followed

Oxfordshire County Council Message

Please do not light garden fires during the current Coronavirus pandemic.

As well as the danger of the fire spreading uncontrollably, there are people in the community living with serious respiratory problems, which could be made much worse if the sufferer is exposed to smoke from bonfires.

Instead, please compost your garden waste where possible, and stack or bag up rubbish for disposal when the current emergency is over.

Thames Valley Police Message 

Regarding Coronavirus incidents, please remember:
📞 101 – if a group is breaking social distancing guidelines and the incident is happening now.
💻 Report online – anything else relating to COVID 19
☎️ 999 – if a life is threatened or a crime is in progress (as usual)

Visit our advice page:

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