Summer Of Play

Summer of Play was a 3 week concentrated effort from the 2nd – 22nd August to bring the community together, encourage all age groups to try activities and sample things they have never tried before and to make a difference in the lives of the residents of the civil parish of Goring-on-Thames.

The Summer of Play Passport was provided to all participants, those who visit all 5 venues and receive a stamp at each location had the option to cash their passport in for a small token of appreciation.

The main aim of the Summer of Play were:

  • To provide a summer of informal outdoor play and creative activities for local children, on their doorstep.
  • To create an opportunity for consultation to help us understand how play and creative activities should be provided in the future.
  • To test ideas and review locations for future play and creative activity provision.
  • To raise awareness of the public open spaces in the village.
  • To show that Goring is a welcoming place for children and that we want to improve facilities for them.
  • Encourage families to stay within the area for play, rather than travelling outside the area.

A huge part of the effort was making Creative Arts accessible for all ages and all sectors of our community.  All activities were free to participants, however for the tie dye activity, participants were asked to bring their own white item to be dyed. 

All activities must be booked in advance so the appropriate quantity of supplies can be brought to the public spaces and the staff in attendance can be prepared.  All participants will have their tickets scanned or ‘checked in’ manually.  This will be the basis of any COVID track and trace which is still in effect at the time of the activity.

Book of Thanks


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