Public Spaces Review

The public spaces review is being completed in conjunction with the expert advice and recommendations of a Landscape Architect, to review all 5 of the public space in Goring as a whole.

This approach is being taken to mitigate some of the issues on previous projects where an individual location for an individual project was looked at and a few residents would raise concerns and the project would then be passed over.  This new approach of looking at the village as a whole is to help show concerned residents that no individual location is being singled out, and that there is a long term plan for the whole village.

There will be a series of consultations prior to one final large consultation where the village will be asked to comment on the final recommendations and give a priority list for the projects.

The first consultation period was the 2nd – 22nd August 2021, Summer of Play.  Data collected during the events and feedback received immediately after from the participants is being fed into the plans.

The final consultation period was during February 2022 (consultation closed 18th February 2022).  A Public Spaces survey was available to all residents to complete, again to be analysed and feed into the strategy.

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