The Goring on Thames Parish Council is made up of elected and co-opted unpaid volunteers, a Clerk and two Assistant Clerks. We strive to represent the interests of the village and its residents.  Both the Full Council and Planning Committee meet regularly.

The Goring on Thames Parish Council office is at the Old Jubilee Fire Station, located between the Health Centre and the Hardware Store in Red Cross Road.

Please note: the office is currently CLOSED due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The council is still working to support the community by working remotely.  Please continue to contact us in the normal way by emailing Clerk@GoringParishCouncil.gov.uk.

Emergency Response to Local Traveller Movements

The Gardiner Recreation Ground
Occupied for 73hours, the GPC paid for the services of an enforcement company to remove the travellers under common law.  The recreation ground remains closed, blocked by large rocks kindly provided by Grundons for which we are extremely grateful.  Urgent works to decontaminate the site are being arranged.

The Sheepcot Recreation Ground
The GPC have reason to believe a significant number of travellers will remain in the area over the next 7-10 days.  It is anticipated the Sheepcot Car Park will remain closed until the 15th June.  Please contact the Clerk for emergency access.

The Whitehill Burial Ground
As per the Sheepcot Recreation Ground, we anticipate removing the chains on the 15th June.  If we can remove them sooner we will.  We are aware there are internments arranged in the meantime and will ensure everything is done to allow access at the correct times.

For more information on where to get help, information, latest news or how to volunteer to help our community during these trying times, please visit the relevant pages.



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