Planning Committee Meetings

We are now able to hold physical meetings again.   The Planning committee meetings are normally held on the fourth Tuesday of each month.  Sometimes applications may need to be considered at the Full Council meeting if the consultation deadline necessitates it.

The agenda and minutes for each meeting are detailed below, by date.


Tuesday 22nd February 2022; Gardiner Pavilion


Tuesday 1st February 2022; Gardiner Pavilion


Delegated Decions, Planning Consultations up to 7th January 2022

Tuesday 14th December 2021; 7:30pm; Gardiner Pavilion
Agenda;  AppendixA; Minutes_DRAFT; OfficerDecisions_14Dec2022

Tuesday 23rd November 2021
Agenda; AppendixA; Minutes

Tuesday 26th October 2021
Agenda 26Oct; AppendixA; Minutes

Tuesday 28th September
Agenda 28 Sept; Minutes

Tuesday 24th August 2021 
Agenda 24.08 & Minutes 24.08

Tuesday 27th July 2021  
Agenda 27.07 & Minutes 27.07

Tuesday 27th April 2021
Agenda 27.04 & Minutes 27.04

Tuesday 23rd March 2021
Agenda 23.03 & Minutes 23.03

Tuesday 23rd February 2021
Agenda 23.02 & Minutes 23.02

Tuesday 9th February 2021
Agenda 09.02 & Minutes 09.02

Tuesday 26th January 2021
Agenda 26.01 & Minutes 26.01

For Minutes from Previous Years
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