Parish Council Services & Facilities

Public Spaces
– Bourdillon playing field
– Gardiner recreation ground
– Sheepcot field
– Ferry Lane open space
– Rectory Garden

Parish Council Buildings
– Gardiner Pavilion
     Upcoming Works:  minor electric works to facilitate temporary move of the parish council offices in the changing room 3 and 4 whilst situation at OJFS is reviewed and permanent decisions about OJFS are made and actioned.

– Sheepcot Pavilion
     Upcoming Works: Replacement of roof tiles, conversion of Kitchen window in to a secure hatch to allow for sale of teas, coffees etc.

– Old Jubilee Fire Station (OJFS) 
     The home of the Parish Council Offices for many years, the building is showing its age.  This was highlighted in a recent 2021 professional survey of the building, requiring many thousands of pounds to rectify.  The Parish Council is temporarily relocating to the Gardiner Pavilion whilst a long term plan is considered for the OJFS building.

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