Staffing Committee Meetings

See below for details of the meetings of the Staffing Committee.  This includes Agenda, Appendices and in due course, Minutes of those meetings, when approved.

All committee meetings are public meetings to which the public and press are invited to observe.  Due to the nature of staffing committee, the meetings are primarily to discuss confidential business relating to engagement, terms of service, conduct or dismissal of employees.  Considering this, it is likely the staffing committee will resolve to move to a confidential period and ask all public; press; councillors not members of the committee and where appropriate officers of the council, to withdraw from the meeting during the period of debate. 

Future Meeting Dates:
Generally meetings will be held as needed, with no fixed dates.


16th May 2022 – Meeting of the Staffing Committee; 19:00; Gardiner Pavilion
Agenda; Appendices; Minutes


20th September 2021 – Meeting of the Staffing Committee
Agenda; Minutes

22nd March 2021 – Meeting of the Staffing Committee
Agenda; Minutes




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