Full Council Meetings

See below for details of Full Parish Council meetings.  This includes Agenda, Appendices and in due course, Minutes of that meeting, when approved.

Future Meeting Dates:

Generally the 2nd Monday of alternate months, (6 meetings per year), in the Bellême Room, Goring Village Hall.  The Clerk may also summons the councillors to additional meetings to execute the functions of the council which are time sensitive such as responding to planning consultations.

Full Council Meetings
2021: 13 Sept; 04th Oct; 08 Nov;
2022: 10 Jan; 14 Mar; 

Annual Council Meeting 2022, 09th May 2022
Annual Meeting of the Parish 2022, TBD

Authority to Hold Virtual Meetings

On the 4th April 2020 legislation came in to force to allow Parish Councils to conduct their meetings virtually until May 6th 2021.  This authority has now expired and in person meetings must recommence.  

At the Annual Council meeting 4th May 2021; the council delegated powers to the Clerk to make decisions on behalf of the council in consultation with councillors.  This authority only remains in place until social distancing is lifted and full council meetings can recommence safely in the village hall without limiting the number of attendees.


04th October 2021 – Parish Council Meeting; 19:30; Garden Room, Goring Village Hall (the moved meeting of 13th September, first available date with both Councillor and Village Hall availability) 

13th September 2021Moved, due to the inavailability of several councillors including Chairman and Vice-Chairman, the meeting is likely to be inquorate.

04th May 2021 – Annual Meeting of the Parish Council, to be held Virtually, 19:30
Agenda; Appendices: B-H I-P; Minutes_04May2021-DRAFT-V2

8th March 2021 – Virtual Public Meeting of the Full Council, 19:30
Agenda; Appendices & Minutes

18th February 2021 –  Extra Virtual Public Meeting of the Full Council, 18:30
Agenda; Appendix A & Minutes

11th January 2021 – Virtual Public Meeting of the Full Council, 19:30
Agenda; Appendices & Minutes

Historical data can be found on the following pages:

2016   2017   2018   2019   2020

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