Become a Parish Councillor

Make a difference

Are YOU fed up with hearing or saying “Something MUST be done!”

Did you know that YOU have the power to get something done about it?

Why becoming is Parish Councillor is for you…

    • Being a councillor is all about giving back to your community, by bringing your energy, passion, and hard-working attitude. You can make a real difference to the local community and wider society in many ways as a Parish councillor.
    • For example, you could be representing the views of local people to ensure the community gets the right services, supporting a resident with an issue, or helping to shape the community by driving new ideas.
    • Being a councillor is a varied and highly fulfilling role. You don’t need any experience or special qualifications, and you’ll gain lots of new skills, experience, knowledge, and confidence.

How to become a Parish Councillor

  • There are three ways available:
    • standing for election,
    • filling a vacant seat after an election (co-opted)
    • filling a casual vacancy, this is a seat that becomes available between elections.

    The council clerk will declare the vacancy by posting a note within the parish and notifying the electoral returning officer. This notice will also confirm that a by-election will be held if at least ten electors request it within 14 days (not including weekends and public holidays). If there is no demand for a by-election, the council will fill the vacancy by co-option.

    All you need is a keen desire to get involved and meet the criteria to be a Parish Councillor – the core requirements are:

    • Be registered to vote in the area or have lived, worked, or owned property there for at least 12 months before an election.
    • be a British citizen, an eligible Commonwealth citizen or a citizen of any member state of the European Union
    • be at least 18 years old.

For more detail see Electoral commission pamphlet on becoming a Parish Councillor

For a summary of the roles and responsibilities of a parish councillor and an introduction to the work of Goring-on-Thames Parish Council, please take a look around the rest of this website.

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