Book Of Thanks


The COVID pandemic has hit all communities hard, but in the villages of Goring; Streatley and all the outlying homes and settlements a wonderful thing happened.  Volunteers popped up everywhere, supporting their friends, neighbours and often complete strangers.  In addition there were many organisations and businesses which went the extra mile, and in some cases the extra light-year to help those in need in the community.  Goring-on-Thames Parish Council, in partnership with Streatley Parish Council and Q1 Foundation are working to make a Book of Thanks.  Submissions are requested.  Ideally these will be submitted on A4 paper, allowing a gap down the edge for all the sheets to be bound in to one, if not more volumes.  In time the bound volume(s) will be displayed locally so that everyone can share in the appreciation.  This will be a book for and by the community. 

Thanks can come in many different ways, as words, or perhaps a picture, poem or photograph.  It could be to give special note of thanks an individual who helped you, a whole organisation, or just a general thanks to everyone who helped in the community response.  

If your submission is not on A4 paper that is OK, but it does need to be A4 or smaller to ensure your contribution can be included, whole, in the binding.  Please find below a tempate which can be used to ensure your contribution fits.

Blank Template.pdf or Blank Template.docx

When submitting something smaller than A4, it will be mounted on A4 paper to be included.

If you need more help, advice, inspiration or even a piece of paper to put your contribution on, please do contact the Parish Council in the normal way.

Contributions can be dropped of at the Parish Office, or Q1 Foundation.

PLEASE NOTE: contributions will not be edited, if you include your name, address or any other personal details you are consenting to them being held and being on public display.  No contrbutions can be returned, please only send originals if you are happy with this.

If there is enough interest, the entire volume may be digitised and printed as a smaller volume, and made available for purchase.  

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