Please click on the links below to view the Parish Council Accounts.

An elector may inspect these documents at all reasonable times and without payment – by appointment with the Clerk.

The council has not yet been issued with its External Auditor Report and Certificate as the review is ongoing, please find below the unaudited accounts.  Once the council receives the final report, it will be published as soon as practicable.

Unaudited Accounts 2019-2020CIL Report; S137_Report

Unaudited Accounts 2018-19

Unaudited Accounts 2017-18

Audited Accounts 2016-17

Audited Accounts 2015-16

Audited Accounts 2014-15

Audited Accounts 2013-14

Audited Accounts 2012-13

Audited Accounts 2011-12

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